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More than just a hosting company…

More than just a hosting company…

Infrastructure is critical to the performance of any web application. Without the right hosting and security measures in place, you leave the door open to downtime and cybercrime.

The businesses, agencies and developers we support know this, and partner with HA247 to ensure every project is on point. Our experts guide you through the complexities of hosting to find a secure, resourced and modern solution.

By choosing HA247, you’re not just getting a server or firewall. You’re getting access to a group of experts dedicated to your success. We don’t simply deliver a service - we become an extension of your company; offering an ongoing solution that guarantees results.

HA247 Technical Director Nick Fox (right) at the Open Source Summit, Prague, October 2017. Photo courtesy the Linux Foundation.

Why choose us?

  • Consulting at no extra cost

    You shouldn’t need to fork out thousands to determine the best hosting solution for your project. We’re always available if you need to scope out a development, and we’ll never sell you something that goes beyond your requirements.

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  • We’re committed to simple communication

    Sometimes it’s easier to pick up the phone. So, while our clients have access to a Zendesk ticketing system as well as live chat and email, our specialists are just a call away if you’d prefer to talk through your questions.

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  • Quality results at high speeds

    We build strategies to automate the development and deployment of websites on our infrastructure. After all, it’s not just the delivery of superb results that’s important; it’s also delivering these quality outcomes in rapid fashion.

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  • Forward-thinking expertise

    Partner with us and enjoy solutions for today - keeping one eye on the advancements of tomorrow in the process.

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  • Protection and prevention

    Our robust, sophisticated Web Application Firewall is built to keep out all the biggest threats to your business, offering excellent defence against DoS attacks and ensuring hackers stay permanently locked out.

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  • Your own specialised service

    We get to understand your business, your client or your project to offer a hosting or security solution that meets your expectations. We can then handle the entire migration process, or simply plug in with guidance and assistance when it’s needed.

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Sound good? It takes just 5 steps to get started…

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2 We’ll discuss your needs and arrange a meeting
3 We’ll explore technical options, budget and timeframe
4 Once you’re happy, we’ll send over a contract
5 We get to work…

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With a diverse range of features to discuss, it’s never too early to speak to one of our specialist advisors.

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