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How Do You Know Your Hosting Services Are Secure?

The Importance Of ISO 27001

The Importance Of ISO 27001

Service providers that say they are “secure” must be able to back it up. Such a claim can’t be left to a vague definition. It should be proven – ideally, by a set of rules that every business can follow, laid out and assessed by an official governing body.

That is just what ISO 27001 represents: a verified confirmation that a hosting services provider is able to cover you – and themselves – against a hack, theft or security issue.

HA247 have passed that test. But why is it important? And what does an ISO 27001 certification really mean for your business?

The meaning behind ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is part of a wider information security management system’s best practices. They are enforced by an international committee – the ISO/IEC JTC 1, which combines two expert regulatory organisations and their shared knowledge about how to operate in the digital world.

Hosting providers like us cannot get the badge of honour unless we meet ISO 27001 specifications. These are extensive, and cover (among others) the following:

  • Access controls
  • Communication and business tools
  • Human behaviour training
  • Risk assessment
  • What a security policy may entail
  • How business avoids interruption
  • Change management systems
  • Automated deployment protocols
They are a thorough list of checks, guidelines and model examinations, all of which decide whether a system is as safe as it can be. It is a structured way of looking at risks and neutralising them wherever possible. Furthermore, it puts a control on our controls, giving constant visibility on the monitoring, maintenance and continuous improvement of them.

There’s never any guarantee that a hack or breach can be prevented; that’s an impossible promise. But an ISO 27001 accreditation does mean that your hosting company has taken every reasonable measure to prevent anything bad from happening. Your data – or that of your clients – is on lockdown.

How our accreditation benefits your business

HA247 have passed our annual ISO 27001 evaluation. The auditor noted that we “have excellent systems in place” and are “very well managed”. Although we already knew this, it’s satisfying to have it recognised. But how does it benefit you?

ISO 27001 certification does not come easily, but it offers crucial peace of mind to our clients. By opting for a hosting services provider that follows these globally recognised guidelines, you can be sure you have a watertight strategy for keeping hackers at bay. This deflects financial losses (either as a penalty or direct business interruption) and makes your company so much more trustworthy to your clients. In the age of GDPR, that can give you a major competitive edge.

Whether you’re in need of managed, dedicated, private or public cloud hosting services, our expert team are committed to keeping your data safe.
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